Nightlife in Colorado:Travel Guide for Colorado Nightlife Entertainment
denver skyline at sunset
Denver, CO skyline during sunset.
Colorado has plenty of options to keep you entertained after the sun sets. If you are visiting Colorado or already live here, chances are you will be spending the night. 

Most of the attractions we review on the website are during the day, so in this section we explore Colorado after dark.
Broadway Street Bars:

The bars along Broadway Street in Denver and Englewood are mostly all dive bars with a good mix of people. There are some nicer clubs when you get closer to downtown Denver. The cool thing about Broadway Street is that you can usually park your car somewhere and walk to a good number of bars, otherwise it is an easy drive for your designated-driver, as its a straightshot down Broadway. 

Capital Hill Bars

The bars in the Capital Hill area of Denver (located in the blocks behind the Capital building) are a nice alternative to busier downtown Denver. The crowds vary, but are usually younger, between 21-35. There aren't too many bars in the Capital Hill, but there are enough bars for a fun night out. There are a few bars along 6th street and 11th street, and several more in between.

Colfax Avenue Bars

Colfax Avenue is the longest commercial street in the United States at roughly 26 miles. There are 26 miles of dive bars on Colfax. There aren't many clubs located on Colfax, aside from a couple strip clubs, just lots of electic watering holes. You go to Colfax for the variety and the surprises lying around each corner. Check out the bars in the vicinity east of Pennsylvania Avenue. These are closer to downtown Denver and include a few solid saloons.

Downtown Denver Bars

Downtown Denver has lots of quality bars and restaurants with plenty of variety. If you are trying to go clubbing, downtown Denver is your best bet. Parking in downtown would run you around 10 bucks on a weekend night, unless you are lucky enough to find an available parking meter (free after 10pm). Some of the clubs downtown will have a dress code, so you are better off leaving the running shoes and white tee at home.

Denver Tech Center (DTC) Bars

The restaurant and bar scene in the Denver Tech Center starts off the Bellview Exit on I-25 (exit 199) and runs down to County Line and Lincoln Street Exits (195 and 193). The Denter Tech Center bars are popular for after work stress relief. The crowds are usually the working-type and begin filling in around 5pm. Most of the quality joints in the DTC wiill have some sort of happy hour running until between 6pm and 7pm. Cougars are known to prowl in this area. The problem with the bars here are they are so spread out and require a car and a sober driver to get from one to the next.

Littleton Bars

There are a few nice bars and restaurants in Littleton, CO. They aren't anything to write home about, but if you happen to be in the area, why not grab a pint.

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