Royal Gorge
River:  Arkansas River
Whitewater Level:  1,2,3,4
Rafting in Colorado:Travel Guide for Colorado White Water Rafting
Colorado white-water rafting the Arkansas River.
White Water Rafting is a fun, popular outdoor adventure in Colorado. Thanks to the melting snow of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado has world-class white water rafting. The rafting season usually begins when the snow melts and raises the water level in June through September. 
People enjoy white-water rafting in the Arkansas River, Clear Creek, Colorado River, Yampa River, and others. You can find all levels of white water in Colorado: from Level 1 through Level 5.

In Colorado you can raft for as little as a half day trip (about 4 hours total - maybe 2-3 hours of rafting) and as much a week-long overnight rafting expedition.

Colorado rafting is a great activity for families, as well as those who love extreme sports.
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royal gorge rafting-arkansas river
White-Water Rafting -  Classification of Rapids:

CLASS I: (easy)

Fast moving water with small waves and riffles. No difficult obstacles and passages clear. The risk to swimmers is minimal and self rescue possible.

CLASS II: (medium)

Easy rapids with wide channels discovered without scouting.  Some experienced is required, but obstacles are easily avoided by trained paddlers. The risk to swimmers is slight, and self rescue is usually possible. Need suitable boat.

CLASS III: (difficult)

Numerous high and irregular waves with rocks, holes, currents, eddies. Passages clear but narrow. Requires skillful maneuvering and a scout may be needed. Need suitable boat and operator.

CLASS IV: (very difficult)

Long, large and unpredictable waves. Dangerous obstacles, holes, rocks, eddies. Passages are narrow and expert maneuvering is required. Need good quality boat and equipment.

CLASS V: (extremely difficult) - All of the dangers of class IV, but longer with more continuous obstacles. Precise maneuvering required. There is serious risk to swimmers, group rescue may not be possible.

CLASS VI: (exploratory, unraftable)

Considered un-runnable with difficult, unpredictable and dangerous waves and obstacles. Only a team of experts who carefully plan their journey have a chance of making it through. Rescue may not be possible.
Clear Creek Rafting
Clear Creek
River:  Clear Creek
Whitewater Level:  1,2,3,4
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Class 6 River Rapids
Class 2 River Rapids
Class 3 River Rapids
Class 1 River Rapids
Class 4 River Rapids
Class 5 River Rapids

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