Royal Gorge Rafting trip
Royal Gorge Rafting
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River Runners: The rafting guides we used. Recommended. Would use again.
White Water Bar & Grill is located in between Canon City and most of the Rafting Outfits. It was also right across the street from the Fort Gorge RV Park & Campground where we spent the night.

The White Water Bar has a decent beer selection and large indoor and outdoor seating areas. Would go to the White Water Bar again. One of the real draws to this place is the outdoor sand vollyball court. They also have teatherball.
About Rafting the Royal Gorge

(July 2009) We went rafting down the Arkansas River in July 2009. The plan was to raft through the Royal Gorge. Unfornuately, the CFMs (Cubic Feet per Minute) were too high. If they get above 3000 (or so) they close down the Royal Gorge because it can get crazy with the white waters.

Our day was broken into two parts. Part one was pretty weak. It was a relaxing, non-adrenaline-pumping float down a lazy river. We were aloud to take off our helmets as there was no chance of falling out the raft. Then we had lunch: sandwiches and chips; not bad. Part two was the most exciting. We hit some class 2's, 3's, and one 4. We ended just west of the Royal Gorge. Rafting in Colorado is an awesome activity for you the thrill-seekers.  I recommend calling in advance to make sure it is open. And wear water-proof sunscreen lotion or you will get burned.

(July 2010) We returned the following year and rafted through the Royal Gorge. It is an awesome trip, much more action packed than the previous year. We used the same outfitters, River Runners, as the year before.

MTmcl Rating: 5 out of 5
Forge Gorge RV Park & Campground was where we spent the nights. The campground is right past Canon City, Colorado across from White Water Bar & Grill.
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Arkansas River Runners
river runners rafting
royal gorge train
royal gorge bridge
royal gorge Arkansas River
Arkansas River cutting through the Royal Gorge.
World's highest suspension bridge over Royal Gorge.
Royal Gorge Train View
White water rafting the Arkanas River. [7/2009]
Class two rapids.  [7/2009]
River Runners steering  down the Arkansas River.  [7/2009]
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Royal Gorge Bridge Location
Royal Gorge Rafting Info

River:  Arkansas River

Nearby City:  Canon City, Colorado

Time to Go: June-September
Paddling down some white-water in the Arkansas River.
Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge
Close-up of Royal Gorge Bridge.
Royal Gorge Bridge Panorama
Royal Gorge Colorado
View from beneath the Royal Gorge Bridge.
Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge near Canon City, CO.
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