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Mount Elbert Summit
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(August 2009) Mount Elbert is all business. There aren't many switchbacks and the mountain does not require trekking along flat lands just to get to the base of the real hike. At Mount Elbert you drive to the base of the mountain and begin hiking. You almost literally just walk right up the spine of the highest mountain in Colorado.

The Mount Elbert trail is a physically demanding hike but not very technical. Expect a lot of false peaks on the way up.

This mountain is also dog friendly. We took a 6 month year-old husky up Mount Elbert and she had a blast. She was running circles around us.

When hiking Mt. Elbert, make sure you take the "colorado trail". If you forget to merge with this trail, you will end up hiking an ATV trail all the way up the mountain next to Elbert. This is actually what we did the week prior to climbing Mount Elbert. Oops. We did summit the mountain beside Mt. Elbert, which we felt was around 14,000 ft.

Mount Elbert Colorado
Mount Elbert Mountain View (from Leadville area)
Mount Elbert Dogs
Mount Elbert Hiking Pictures - August 2009
Kona dog hiking up beginning of Mt. Elbert.
Mount Elbert, Colorado Location
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Mount Elbert Mountain Info

Summit:  14,443 feet

Hike Length: ~5-7 hours

Technical:  1/5

Mount Elbert Leadville
Moutn Elbert Summit Ridge
Mount Elbert Colorado
View from top of Mount Elbert. Colorado's highest mountain.
This picture sums up hiking Mount Elbert - It is one continuous push up the ridge of a giant mountain.
Somebody standing on top of Colorado's highest mountain, Mount Elbert.
Mount Elbert Forest Trail
Start of Mount Elbert trail takes you through the forest.
Mount Elbert, Colorado's highest summit.
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