Ouray Hot Springs Pool
About Ouray Hot Springs Pool

Ouray's main hot springs destination is the Ouray Hot Springs Pool. Its owned by the city and open year round. Its similar to Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, just smaller. This Colorado hot springs destination is located deep in the southwest part of Colorado, about an hour from the ski resorts of Telluride and Silverton Mountain.

Ouray is conveniently located near a lot of historic attractions in the San Juan Mountains. There are plenty of old mines and ghost towns. Spend a night in Ouray while passing through the San Juans and you're sure to have a memorable time.

Ouray also has a few hotels and spas around town that feature hot mineral baths in a more private setting.

The Ouray Hot Springs Pool is one large pool divided into several sections: one for relaxing and soaking; another for doing laps; and another kids' area for playing.

They have indoor locker rooms to change in and a large slide open in the summer (see picture upper-left). They also have a fitness club.

Family friendly. It can get crowded with lots of kids running around. It is not quite as relaxing as some of the other hot springs destinations, but your muscles will thank you all the same. Swimsuits required.

MTmcl Rating:  4 out of 5
Glenwood Hot Springs Info

Ouray, CO

Phone:  (970) 325-7073

Temp:  80º to 106º F
Season:  Year round
Swimsuit:  Required

Saturday and Sunday, 11am - 9pm.
Monday through Friday, 12pm - 9pm.

(Ouray Hot Springs Resort Website)
Ouray Hot Springs Pool in Ouray, CO.
Ouray Hot Springs View
Ouray Hot Springs Pool Location
Hot springs pool in Ouray, CO.
The hot springs pool in Ouray is sectioned off - for kids, swim laps, relaxing, etc.
Ouray Hot Springs Video
ouray hot mineral springs
Ouray hot springs pool
ouray springs pool
ouray colorado mineral springs
ouray hot springs slide
Overview of the Ouray hot springs resort.
ouray colorado lookout point
Ouray Mount Sneffels
Nighttime in the pool at Ouray Hot Springs.
Look out point in Ouray, Colorado - "Switzerland of America".
Mount Sneffels in near Ridgway and Ourway, CO.
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