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Penny Hot Springs is a naturally-fed hot springs located along the Crystal River. It's free and just requires you to pull off the road and hike down to the river. This Colorado Hot Springs is just past Carbondale, CO and close to Aspen and Snowmass.

Named after Dan Penny, who operated a small hotel and bathhouse along the railroad line. Guests would stay at the hotel and have access to the bathhouse and hot springs. Originally guests at the hot springs wore swimsuits, but in the 1960's people started going au natural. Locals were offended and bulldozed the bathhouse and covered the hot springs. The pools were rebuilt and opened to the public in the early 1990s.

Penny Hot Springs is situated on the east side of Highway 133 a few hundred feet north of mile marker 55. There are large granite cliffs on both sides of the rivers, a formation known as "Hell's Gate".

A pool along the Crystal River is sectioned off with large rocks and fed with hot springs water. It is about 15-20 feet across, 2 feet deep, and holds around a dozen people comfortably. The waters are hot, but allow you to move rocks around, letting in the cool Crystal River water.

Primitive hot springs; Clothing officially required.

Penny Hot Springs Info

Carbondale, CO.

Type:  Hike Access, Year-round
Swimsuit:  Required

Rate:  Free

(Desert Reef Hot Springs Website)
Penny Hot Springs in the Crystal River near Snowmass, CO.
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Penny Hot Springs Bathhouse
Old Bathhouse at Penny Hot Springs in Colorado.
Relaxing at Penny Hot Springs in CO.
A lady enjoying Penny Hot Springs near Snowmass, CO.
Penny Hot Springs in Colorado.