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Skydiving is Colorado is one hell of a way to spend half your day. I went Sky Diving at Mile Hi Sky Diving in 2009.  I had no idea what I was doing, as I had never been before, but the staff at Mile High Sky Diving made sure the entire process was comfortable and smooth.  To make things better, the day my friends and I went, all of the staff were dressed like super heroes.  I had the priveledge of jumping with The Green Lantern!

The drive out to the plane was the most nerve wracking part of the experience- knowing what is to come.  As we neared the awaiting plane, other divers were coming in for a landing.  That's when it became very real that I was about to jump out of a plane.  We had a lot of people with us so we were split up into two groups, and of course, my group went first.

We got on the plane, and took off.  The increase in altitude felt like it was taking forever as I waited in anticipation.  About three quarters to full altitude, two, more experienced divers jumped for a short free fall dive.  I cannot describe what it was like to be that high up in a plane with the door open.  5-10 minutes later, we were at altitude, and guess who was up first. 

There was a traffic light on the wall next to the door.  I felt like it turned from red to yellow way too quickly (yellow means to get ready to jump). The Green Lantern strapped me to himself and we walked over to the open door.  Before I knew it, the light turned green, and we jumped.  My heart sank deep inside for my chest for a few seconds but then i just enjoyed the fall. 

It was the coolest feeling in the world to be that high free falling, with my own personal camera man snapping pictures and filming my dive right there in front of me.  45 seconds never felt like so long.  It felt like we were free falling for at least 10 minutes.  Pulling the chute was the most surprising part of the experience. I did not imagine we could slow down that fast. The Green Lantern took us for a few back and forth large swoops.  He showed me how to take control, and then gave me the reigns.  That was scary.  I had to give the reigns back to him after only a short time, because it took so much energy to have control.  He then asked me if I wanted to have a little fun. I nodded, and suddenly, we were spinning around and around really fast.  That was the only time my stomach began to complain.  After a few spins, I had to have him stop for fear of puking on him! 

We glided down for maybe 5 more minutes and then it was time for a landing.  Since we were tandem, we had to land on our butts, which I thought would hurt, but it was a very smooth process.  We came to a very quick stop on the gravel filled field. That was it, it was over.  I couldn't believe how intense and amazing an experience it was.  The dive itself cost 200 bucks, and the personal camera man was an additional 100 bucks.  Would I drop that much on such a short experience again?  Hell ya I would!!

Mile-Hi Skydiving Center Location
Colorado skydiving over the Front-Range.
Mile-Hi Skydiving Info

Mile Hi Skydiving Center

229 Airport Rd Hangar 34G
Longmont, CO 80503

Phone:  303-SKYDIVE (702-9911)
Fax: 303-702-9909

Email: [email protected]

(Mile-Hi Skydiving Official Website)
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Colorado Mile-Hi Skydiving
Colorado Skidiving Front Range
Mile-Hi Skydiving Custome
Mile-Hi Skydiving Parachute
Free-falling over the Front Range of Colorado.
Free-falling with the Green Lantern.
Colorado skydive landing with Mile-Hi Skydiving Center.
A safe skydive landing in Colorado.
Colorado skydiving ground shot
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