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Pikes Peak Highway Summit
Road to the summit of Pikes Peak Highway.
About Pikes Peak Highway

There are two places in Colorado you can drive up over 14,000 feet: Mount Evans and Pikes Peak. Pikes Peaks Highway takes you to 14,110 above sea level. It is the second most visited mountain in the World behind Japan's Mount Fuji. It is 19 miles to the summit of Pikes Peak.

Pikes Peak is located near Colorado Springs, CO. The drive up only costs money if you plan on parking at the top, where they mention they ticket people without parking tags. Parking costs around $10. At the top, there is a restaurant and gift shop.The donuts up top are home-made and good.

The nearby town of Manitou Springs is the closest town and at the foot of Pikes Peak. Manitou Springs is an eclectic town with lots of shops, restaurants and other places catering to visitors.

Rudy's BBQ is a popular BBQ joint located by Manitou Springs, close to Pikes Peak. Rudy's always seems to be crowded, with people raving about their barbeque.

Garden of the Gods is another nearby attraction worth checking out. You can drive through or walk around this open park.

Pikes Peak Highway
Pikes Peak Highway Location
Pikes Peak Railway
Railway car heading up to Pikes Peak in Colorado.
Pikes Peak Colorado Springs
Pikes Peak Garden of Gods
View of Pikes Peak from Colorado Springs, CO.
View of Pikes Peak from Garden of the Gods.
Downtown Manitou Springs CO
Downtown Manitou Springs, CO, at foot of Pikes Peak.
Pikes Peak Road
Pikes Peak Rally Cars
Pikes Peak Highway Info

Cascade-Chipita Park, CO 80809
Nearby Cities:  Colorado Springs, Manitous Springs

Duration:  2-3 hours (27 miles to Summit)

(Pikes Peak Official Website)
Rally car racing up Pikes Peak - International Hill Climb
Pikes Peak Highway entrance sign.
Pike Peaks Highway Colorado
Pikes Peak Highway View
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